Viral Campaigns

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

With a slew of effective viral campaigns for films in the last few years (check out Cloverfield’s brilliant original teaser and viral marketing here plus this intriguing site ) I am reminded of the intrigue they provoke in an audience and what amazingly good PR stunts they are.

Although the Cloverfield producers were not the first to promote their film through the use of nameless teaser trailers, found footage shaky- cam and an unknown cast (see the Blair witch Project), they did manage to demonstrate that mystery is one of the more successful ways of getting a public interested in your product. The “click here to find out more” premise is employed frequently in advertising and publicity and works so well purely because it assumes a level of interest on the audience’s behalf.

It doesn’t hit you with the hard sell and if anything the distance it keeps from the aimed audience is what catches their eye. Maybe it’s time for more virals and perhaps the model could be employed in more serious areas? It would be interesting to see what businesses and organisation outside of the entertainment industry could come up with in years to come.

Check this blog out for more viral campaigns that caught the public imagination:


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