Convergence and the melding of PR and Journalism

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the last 5 years or so Facebook and Twitter have become extremely large and highly immediate public forums for political communication and the free exchange of ideas. Barrack Obama’s use of Twitter during the U.S. election could easily be said to have given him the upper hand due to the ease with which it made him personable and accessible to most of the voting population. Instead of traditional rallying and newspaper exposure, he circumvented these (and in doing so avoided the no man’s land of political conflict that regularly occurs in the press) entirely and engaged the voters at a base level which is almost impossible to do so without using a live social network.

The superiority of realtime social media has caused a massive shift in the way journalism is conducted. The dominance of news sites and the interactivity present (on in particular) has moved Public Relations and Journalism into the same sphere via converging media technology; multimedia phones are the norm now and internet access is at an unprecedented level meaning there is no other way to go for those professions concerned with audience reaction, participation and the managing/ analysis of reputation.

This is where Journalism and PR have converged at a literal level with the two worlds (not really that distinct from each other to start with) merging parallel to the merging of video, audio and text in recent years.


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